The Castle of Chantilly And the City of Senlis .

The castle of Chantilly : In the foreground Le petit chateau,the oldest part of the castle ( 16th C ) commissioned by Ann de Montmorency and designed by architect J.Bullant ; This Petit chateau was spared during the Revolution,unlike the Grand Chateau razed to the ground ; the chapel is right behind ; That's the tallest building at Chantilly.It shelters the tomb of H II of Condé .the parkThe park of Chantilly was designe by André Le Notre ! In a way It announces the park of Versailles with its "mirrors of water" its great perspectives and its wonderful fountains  !

 Likewise the little hamlet of Chantilly announces the one built for Marie Antoinette at Versailles !It is said also ,that it is the very place where was invented during the parties organized at Chantilly at the end of the 18th C.,the celebrated whipped cream ,which of course will give its name to the crème de la crème : La Chantilly ! A home-made "crème Chantilly is today served at the restaurant set in the former watermill!
The half-day tour to Chantilly can be easily combined with a visit of the little medieval town of Senlis,since it is located just 8 miles away from Chantilly ! a great location also to enjoy a lunch there ; You'll be able to stroll through the cobble-stoned street,and to admire the cathedral which was one of the very first ones in France ,to be built in Gothic style !
On the way back to Paris,we can also make a stop by the abbey of Royaumont,whose ruins evoke the former Grandeur of the abbey ! The King Saint Louis himself came here,and 6 members of his family were buried here ( included his 3 daughters and his brother ) !

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