Guided Tour Off The Beaten Tracks At The Louvre Museum-Paris

Enjoy A Private Guided Tour Inside The Louvre Museum With Your Own Certified Tour Guide ! Go Where People Don't Even Know The Existence ! For Instance Did You Know That It Is Possible To Admire Impressionist Painters Inside The Louvre ? Officially You can't see anything made after 1848 at The Louvre ! This is why all the Impressionist Painters are visible mainly at the Orsay museum,located just on the other side of the Seine river ( Rive Gauche ) almost facing the Louvre Museum ! Nevertheless you'll be able to admire paintings made by Renoir ,Monet Pissarro ,painters well known as being the very first Impressionist Painters ! That means ,officially , with works of art made circa 1874 ,well after 1848 ! Discover too that the famous French painter Delacroix painted already ( picture above : Seascape in Dieppe by Delacroix 1852 ) in an Impressionist way ,( open air seascape ,visible brush strokes...) when the futur leader of the Impressionist painter ,Claude Monet was only a 12-year old boy ! Discover the lavish apartments especially built for Napoleon III
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  • He made everything simpler, efficient. He managed time well so that there were no lines in versailles palace! Christophe was also flexible when it comes to changing plans.
    Almay G
  • I would recommend him to anyone traveling to Paris for any type of tour and would call him if we are fortunate enough to visit Paris again. I was one of 8 seniors who take their time, roam around, ask tons of questions and Christophe was the best guide for all of us.
    NJ Maryann