The Majestic Medieval Ruins Around The Loire River

Besides the very famous castles of the valley of the Loire river ,there are also many ruined fortresses ,which are not so well-known but quite spectacular and more importantly made the region a place located in the very heart of the fights between the Counts of Blois and the Counts of Anjou ; The best exemple being the fortresses of Chinon and Loches ! To have an idea how powerful the Counts of Blois or Anjou were ,both Stephen of Blois and Henri Plantagenêts  will become kings of England (under the name of Henri II ), and therefore even more powerful than the king of France himself, no less ! 

Honour to whom Honour is due the fortress of Chinon built by Henri Plantagenet Count of Anjou and futur King of England;It wars his favourite place in
France ;He wll even die here in 1189 ; The keep ( part of the Fort du Coudray was commissionned in fact by the king of France Philippe-Auguste in1204;
The Fort du Coudray Chinon

The Fortress of Loches  built by the infamous Count of Anjour Fulk Nerra ( circa 1040 ) It was a mighty keep 120 ft tall ) and part of a whole city wall which 
circle the citu of Loches ; it has been stormed several times either by the king of France Philippe-Auguste or his rival the king of England Richard The LionHeart !
The keep of the fortress of Loches

Loches : the fortified gateway

The fortress of Montrichard ( the 12C keep ) less known but still quite impressive it is visible en route from Chenonceau to Chambord .

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