NEW ! Discover The Mont Saint Michel and Its Majestic bay From The Choir's Terraces !

New in 2017 ! Driver Guide France can arrange totally private guided tours of the wonderful abbey of the Mont Saint Michel which will allow you to admire the abbey from the very top of the building ! Thank to your qualified tour guide you will discover secret doors and passageways so that you learn much more about the story of the building and its construction ! You will see the crypts which are not open to the public ( crypt of 30 Candles, Notre Dame Sous Terre  ,a dungeon , the Aquilon room ...N.B : Reservations must be made minimum one month before the date of the tour !

By means of a secret passeways we'll reach the
terrace of the abbey which overlooks the bay !

Spiral staircase to reach the top of the abbey

The staircase outside ! Its leads to the chevet !

the chevet of the abbey seen from the terrace

Then we'll use another spiralling staircase ( downstairs )
in order to reach the 30-candle crypt located under the 
North arm of the transept !

Spiral staircase to reach the bottom of the abbey

The 30-candle crypt 

the 30 candles crypt Mont Saint Michel abbey

Notre Dame Sous Terre with its shrine dating from
the Xth Centrury ! this is the oldest building of the
Mont Saint Michel and its very heart !

Notre Dame Sous Terre

Eventually ,we'll reach the Aquilon room ( room of 
the North wind ) built in the 12th century ,and which
was the former alms-house .

Visit The Abbey of The Mont Saint Michel Differently with Driver-Guide-France !

the bay seen from the terrece above the chevet

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