The Marvels Along The Seine Valley In Normandy

DAY TRIP to Normandy : Giverny-Rouen-Honfleur

 Our first stop ,after one hour drive from Paris , will be the very charming village of La Roche-Guyon,classified among the most beautiful villages of France ! You'll be able to admire its castle ,in fact its 2 castles since located at the very top of the cliff,the 11 C. keep ,built to ...keep an eye on the river ! then at the foot of the cliff,another castle built during the 14th C.and the 18th C. Thanks to its huge network of galleries,the castle of La Roche-Guyon became the H.Q of Rommell during WWII ! Just 6 miles away ,we reach the village of Giverny which became famous thank to a prestigious host,the leader of the Impressionnist painters : Claude Monet ; you'll be able to discover the magnificient gardens arranged by Monet himself,and the house where he lived for 43 years ; (only opened from Apr..1st and Oct.31st ) ; Before reaching Rouen,we'll pass by  the very spectacular site of Chateau-Gaillard,in order to admire the impressive ruins of the fortress built by the King of England, Richard The Lionheart ;the fortress has been built in only 2 years ! Then we'll head toward the medieval town of Rouen,nick-named the City of the 100 spires , and where you'll be able to stroll through the medieval street,and admire the cathedral,which inspire Monet ,who painted its facade 28 times ! after a lunch in Rouen,we'll visit the ruins of the abbey of Jumièges,founded by William the Conqueror,at the end of the 11th C.;they were considered the most beaufiful ruins in France by Victor Hugo himself ! Eventually we'll head to Honfleur whose harbour has been painted by many Impressionnist painters,included Monet,but also by his mentor ,a native of Honfleur , Eugène Boudin ;Return to Paris after the visit of Honfleur ; This tour can be combine with a tour to the Mont Saint Michel,with ,with an overnight in Bayeux.

Suggested Itinerary ( Round Trip From Paris )

- PARIS  :



- Other sites (Optional ) :

  • The Abbey of Jumièges
  • The fortress of Chateau-Gaillard
  • The village of Bec-Hellouin

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12 Hours
2-4 PX: 
1 000 €
5-6 PX: 
1 200 €
7-8 PX: 
1 400 €
9-15 PX: 
1 800 €
Mercedes Classe S: 
1 800 €

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